S4 Ep7: Liz Ritchie

‘Forget Sydney and Melbourne and you’ll be happier’, is the message from podcast guest Liz Ritchie, CEO of the Regional Australia Institute, for expat...View Details

S4 Ep6: LJ Ferrara

If you were an Aussie living overseas who managed to navigate your way home during COVID, chances are you are very familiar with the Aussie Expats Com...View Details

S4 Ep5: Deborah De Cerff

Deborah de Cerff’s career is supporting the careers of expats.  For the last 30 years, she has helped individuals and organisations move lives and car...View Details

S4 Ep4: Louise Broekman

Senior Australian expats with global experience are highly sought after for positions on Advisory Boards according to Lousie Broekman, founder and CEO...View Details

S4 Ep3: Julia Van Graas

Has the new era of flexible and hybrid working opened up new opportunities for C-suite expats looking to return home? Co-founder and Chief People Offi...View Details

S4 Ep2: John Versace

Career, lifestyle and financial goals are all linked and so is the planning.  John Versace is a financial planner at Apt Wealth and leads their expat ...View Details

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