S4 Ep2: John Versace

Career, lifestyle and financial goals are all linked and so is the planning.  John Versace is a financial planner at Apt Wealth and leads their expat ...View Details

S4 Ep1: Johanna Pitman

While the headline of a ‘skills shortage’ appears to be welcome news for any Australian expat planning to come home and find a new role, CEO of Advanc...View Details

S3 Ep7: Jan Lynch

Working overseas in much bigger countries and markets for many expats advances their career, however as Jan Lynch discovered when she came home to Mel...View Details

S3 Ep6: Wage Reis

Data and tech.  It is hard to find a skill and an industry in higher demand right now.  So when Wage Reis came home in March 2020 after two years work...View Details

S3 Ep5: Claire Pales

For Cyber Security expert Claire Pales, starting her own business was always on her ‘career to-do list’ but it came about sooner than she expected. Sh...View Details

S3 Ep4: Kate Hewish

Kate’s husband had been buying her books on gardening for years. But as a marketer in financial services for over 10 years in the UK, planting was alw...View Details

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