S3 Ep5: Claire Pales

For Cyber Security expert Claire Pales, starting her own business was always on her ‘career to-do list’ but it came about sooner than she expected. Sh...View Details

S3 Ep4: Kate Hewish

Kate’s husband had been buying her books on gardening for years. But as a marketer in financial services for over 10 years in the UK, planting was alw...View Details

S3 Ep3: Scott Cooper

New York, New York…If you can make it here, they say you can make it anywhere. And Scott Cooper is living proof.  Scott initially went to New York fol...View Details

S3 Ep2: Trena Blair

Trena Blair will be the first to admit, she didn’t want to come home from New York.  In her two and half years in the city that never sleeps, she had ...View Details

S3 Ep1: Chris Edwards

People often do extreme things to avoid Sydney house prices but none more extreme than Chris Edwards and her husband.  Fifteen years ago when staring ...View Details

A special episode dedicated to all the COVID expat-repats – those Aussies who came home in the pandemic either as a direct result, a planned moved or ...View Details

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