S3 Ep1: Chris Edwards

People often do extreme things to avoid Sydney house prices but none more extreme than Chris Edwards and her husband.  Fifteen years ago when staring ...View Details

A special episode dedicated to all the COVID expat-repats – those Aussies who came home in the pandemic either as a direct result, a planned moved or ...View Details

S2 Ep8: Prue Clarke

It was the Aussie sense of adventure that took journalist Prue Clarke to New York in 2000, it was the American dream that kept her there for 19 years....View Details

S2 Ep7: Andrew Whitford

Kissed on the backside by a fairy, is how expat Andy Whitford has described his luck being relocated back to Australia with an Asia Pacific role durin...View Details

S2 Ep6: Michael Ellis

“I wish I knew how it would be to be free.” Nina Simone     This was the song that Michael Ellis used to describe his year of lockdown in the UK and h...View Details

S2 Ep5: Sarah Ntiamoah

For Change Manager Sarah , coming home from ten years in London was a change she thought she could handle. Like any project, she planned ahead. She st...View Details

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